What You Will Get in This Bootcamp....

This Bootcamp is designed to offer Seven (7) Live Zoom Sessions: 

Session 1: Getting Prepared for the Potty Training Journey – Introduction to the “Leaning Into You” method of Nurture; Q & As.

Sessions 2- 6: Accomplishing the Potty Training together. Each day, we will meet together and know our plan of action, encourage each other, and go forth to conquer.

Session 7: Final Session of Celebration, Awards, Troubleshooting the Future, and Q&As. The hope is that connections are made during the Bootcamp and that the group support will continue ongoing.

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What Potty Training Mistakes Do You Want To Avoid?

Do you wonder if your child is ready for Potty Training? 

Do you worry about whether you are ready for Potty Training your child?

Why do some people seem to effortlessly fly right through Potty Training their child, while others struggle to reach success?

Take the Quiz and discover what you might be fearing needlessly and how you and your child can walk this road together successfully!

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Leaning Into You, LLC is a Life Coaching/Training Organization. 

Here you will discover great opportunities to learn, grow, and transform your life through our Bootcamps, Masterclasses, Coaching Sessions, and more that support you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

It is here that you will begin your journey to “Finding The You That’s True in ’22!” 

Building strong relationships is a daily goal and, way too often, a daily struggle. It is the one thing that we long for and we're designed for, and yet the one thing that often alludes us. Armies of counselors, coaches, growth groups, businesses, and many others are offering masses of information to find the way to a strong relationship with those around you. What is really true?

We have discovered that this season of the Pandemic has played a key role in bringing to the surface the depth of this problem. We are seeing more and more need to offer opportunities for education and support to you as women and as mothers. It is this need that has inspired the birth of “Leaning Into You”

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