What You Will Get in This Bootcamp....

This Bootcamp is designed to offer Seven (7) Live Zoom Sessions: 

Session 1: Getting Prepared for the Potty Training Journey – Introduction to the “Leaning Into You” method of Nurture; Q & As.

Sessions 2- 6: Accomplishing the Potty Training together. Each day, we will meet together and know our plan of action, encourage each other, and go forth to conquer.

Session 7: Final Session of Celebration, Awards, Troubleshooting the Future, and Q&As. The hope is that connections are made during the Bootcamp and that the group support will continue ongoing.

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What Potty Training Mistakes Do You Want To Avoid?

Do you wonder if your child is ready for Potty Training? 

Do you worry about whether you are ready for Potty Training your child?

Why do some people seem to effortlessly fly right through Potty Training their child, while others struggle to reach success?

Take the Quiz and discover what you might be fearing needlessly and how you and your child can walk this road together successfully!

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Are you frustrated with Potty Training?

You've come to the right place!

I teach parents how to overcome their potty training woes by implementing techniques & strategies to help them successfully potty train their child!

What Potty Training Mistakes Might You Be Making?

There is often nothing that strikes more fear into the heart of a parent than the thought of

POTTY TRAINING their toddler.

We know how you feel and want to help you on this Critical Journey and come alongside of you all along the way.

You will discover that this very unique and effective approach to Potty Training will bring a strength to you personally and a depth to your relationship with you child like nothing you have experienced before.

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Begin your Journey to "Finding the YOU that's TRUE in ‘22


I'm your Leaning Into You Coach and the Founder of "Leaning Into You" Life Coaching. 

I’ve been mentoring and coaching women for over 35+ years. I have been married to my husband, Jim, for nearly 50 years, and am a mother of three grown children who have given me 9 grandchildren + 2 step-grandchildren and who keep me young and very much on my toes.

My mission is to offer you a Community with a three-fold purpose: 1. Where I will be leaning into you; 2. Where you will be learning to lean into yourself and others; 3. Where you will discover how God is leaning into all of us!

This Community will offer valuable opportunities for you to learn and grow along with a wonderful community of like-minded women with the same goals, dreams, and struggles as you. In this Community, you will discover a place to go for personal growth training and guidance, mothering training and support, valuable resources of all kinds, advocates, encouragement, and so much more.

I'm looking forward to "Leaning Into You!"


'Our Mother's Success Stories'

.Jeanne and I were paired by the Holy Spirit at a prayer night about eight years ago, and she's been mentoring me since. Honestly, she has become more of a spiritual mother. It became obvious early in our relationship why God chose her for me. 

Jeanne's life experiences range far and wide. These experiences paired with her deep love for our Lord gave her the wisdom I desperately needed to strengthen my wobbly walk. Aside from wise, Jeanne is kind, caring, and gentle. (Sometimes too gentle for my thick heart!) She does not shy from being open and vulnerable because she knows who she is in Jesus. None of these characteristics take away from her ability to be real and honest about her fleshy human side, even with an occasional cuss word. (Though she tries not to!) I found this mix softened my fear of being hurt, as she has never been untrustworthy, unapproachable, or discouraging. Jeanne gets involved in the lives of those around her; it isn't a task, it's who she is. 

Her consistent presence, prayer, and mentorship has been the single most life-changing gift from God. Walking the narrow road is hard, and God tells the older wiser's to teach the youngers along the way. I couldn't agree more. If you're here, reading about Jeannie, I don't believe it's by accident, as that's not how God operates. You are valuable. You are important. Let Jeanne use her many gifts to bless you as she has me. 

- Kimberly