What You Will Get in This Bootcamp....

This Bootcamp is designed to offer Seven (7) Live Zoom Sessions: 

Session 1: Getting Prepared for the Potty Training Journey – Introduction to the “Leaning Into You” method of Nurture; Q & As.

Sessions 2- 6: Accomplishing the Potty Training together. Each day, we will meet together and know our plan of action, encourage each other, and go forth to conquer.

Session 7: Final Session of Celebration, Awards, Troubleshooting the Future, and Q&As. The hope is that connections are made during the Bootcamp and that the group support will continue ongoing.

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What Potty Training Mistakes Do You Want To Avoid?

Do you wonder if your child is ready for Potty Training? 

Do you worry about whether you are ready for Potty Training your child?

Why do some people seem to effortlessly fly right through Potty Training their child, while others struggle to reach success?

Take the Quiz and discover what you might be fearing needlessly and how you and your child can walk this road together successfully!

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Do you feel like you are trying to swim in a raging river that is tossing you all over? 

Or maybe you feel like you’re all alone trying to figure out how to navigate this life and all the details of living happily ever after? 

Are you just trying to be a good person and do the right things, but all you get is hurt, rejection, painful struggles, and anguish?

Maybe, life is going well for you, but you just know there is more. What is missing?

Let me show you how you can find the answers to these critically important questions that will radically change and transform your life.

Special Note:

I have discovered that Individual or Group Coaching is the better first choice to start in knowing the “True You” before starting “Mothering” Coaching. Get to know yourself deeply and truly so that you can better know your child/ren and how to have the best possible relationship with them.

You are able to choose from various Group Coaching Masterclasses, or you can book a Free Session with me and we will design a plan of action together.

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